EMEFS CONSTRUCTION LIMITED is one of the wholly owned construction companies having earned its classification as first class in general building and civil works. The company was established in 1993 and has over the years constructed several major projects across the country, which include the construction of Tema Development Corporation, Tema; First Baptist Church, Tema; drains and culverts at community 20, Tema; Two (2No.) Block of 3 storey 5 stream JHS complex, Akosombo, just to mention a few. Emefs Construction Limited with development as a core sector can also boast of Emefs Estates with over 800 housing units constructed since the company was incorporated. Our estates include Lagoon View Estates at Lashibi, Emefs Garden at community 3, Emefs Hillview, Hillview Palace and Hillview Gardens at Mataheko, Afienya-Akosombo road.

As part of our innovation as a company with client interest at heart, we have added the concept of a GATED COMMUNITY, GENEROUS FAMILY AREA in addition to the SPACIOUS LIVING AREA in each of our homes, the concept of a COMMUNITY POLICE STATION in addition to INTEGRATED HOME SECURITY SYSTEM, WATER STORAGE RESERVOIRS to augment the individual overhead supplies, STREET CCTV CAMERAS and COMMUNITY INTERNET, SHOPPING CENTER, GYM, CLUB HOUSE and COMMUNITY PLAYGROUND.

Currently Emefs Estates has introduced a new project site, EMEFS ROYAL VIEW, to accommodate about 200 housing units in a gated community at Gbetsile on the afienya –akosombo road. This is a community set in an environment ideal for the family which places emphasis on security, relaxation and health due to the surrounding and integrated scenery of mountains. Our gated communities offer mature landscape gardens with shady trees bringing with it a breezy environment without sacrificing the availability of all amenities, all wired up to be connected to the global village through modern technology.

Our offer for homes is the best in area of plot sizes, designs, construction technology, finishing, floor spaces to ensure the comfort and absolute safety of its home owners.